Picking the perfect outfit for Tim Tebow’s ‘Night to Shine’ Prom

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - It was a busy day at the Davenport library as people packed in to pick out the perfect outfit for prom.

People with special needs attending Tim Tebow's 'Night to Shine' prom on February 10th we're able to get a free outfit.

"I've never been to a prom before," said prom-goer Claire Lyngholm.

She spent the day looking for her perfect prom dress.

"I usually prefer red or blue or purple," said Lyngholm.

There were tables filled with dresses and accessories, a lot to choose from.

"It has the sparkles and looks (like a) combination of blue and light blue," said Lyngholm.

Claire brought along a team of helpers to help her choose the perfect dress.

"Once I try them on, then it will be easier to decide," said Lyngholm.

She wasn't the only one getting ready for the big night.

"We have just had an overwhelming response, particularly in the last week, we are so thrilled that so many folks are coming out," said Jennifer Hildebrand with Our Lady of the River.

Our Lady of the River church is holding one of the two Quad City "Night to Shine" proms happening.

"It's just so heart warming to see all these people come in with smiles on their faces and yeah, this is awesome," said Hildebrand.

For Claire, after trying on a few of her favorites, she thought she found the perfect dress.

"I like the sparkles I like the coloring and I like the size and the length of it," said Lyngholm.

That was until a red dress caught her eye, we'll have to wait and see which one she chooses to wear to the prom.