Animal torture, neglect charges brought against Iowa dog rescue director

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WARREN COUNTY, Iowa — The Iowa agency that offered to retrieve two dogs found dead at a south-central Iowa home on Wednesday, Feb. 1, is now caring for 19 more dogs found that have been discovered living in garages, homes and a camper located in Indianola.

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa says the surviving dogs have matted fur and sores, with a long road to recovery. Another dead dog was found on the property, and a second near death.

The dogs found Wednesday were in various stages of decay, in and around kennels covered in feces, and with their collars still on their remains. Neighbors say they had no idea that dogs were being neglected on the property, reports WHO.

Neighbors have identified the person living in the home as Lindsey Morrow, who has been charged in Warren County with ongoing criminal conduct, second-degree theft, fraudulent practices, five counts of animal torture, five counts of animal neglect (serious misdemeanor) and 17 counts of animal neglect (simple misdemeanor).

"Most disturbingly, she is the director for a 'no-kill' group called Bully Breed Miracle Network and Rescue... We are so glad these dogs have now REALLY been saved... from her," reads a social media statement from the ARL.

Morrow has in the past raised money via GoFundMe for the Bully Breed Miracle Network supposedly to help dogs receive medical care.


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