Survivor trapped in deadly car crash is seven months pregnant

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The survivor of a deadly three vehicle accident in downtown Davenport says all she could think about in the seconds after the crash was the safety of her unborn baby boy.

Jessica Russell's car was pushed 100 feet from the intersection, and spun around three times. She was trapped inside her car, and is seven months pregnant.

"I was screaming for help. I was scared my baby didn't make it. I was having so much pressure. I was scared something was wrong with the baby," she said in an interview Friday with WQAD-TV.

Russell was in her car at a stoplight when a pick-up truck plowed into the car behind her. The woman in the second car, Cynthia Jones, died.

Russell was on her way to work when she was hit. There was a fire in the street because of the accident, and Russell couldn't get out of her car.

Brandy Donaldson, who was sitting in her parked car near the intersection, tried to help.

"She tried and tried and tried to get my doors open and she couldn't get them open for nothing. There were two civilians I can definitely thank from the bottom of my heart who did not leave my side the hope time. They were wonderful to me. I told them they're my saviors and I will never forget them," she said.

First responders used the jaws of life to get Russell out of her vehicle, and she spent 24 hours under observation in the hospital.

Russell's doctor says her unborn son, due in late April is doing great. Emotionally, Russell is having a very tough time.

"I've had nightmares the last few nights. It replays constantly over and over. Mostly seeing Cynthia, lifeless, in that car. She was helpless, there's nothing nobody can do," she said.

The 25-year-old is grateful to be alive, and says the woman charged in the accident, Lauria Kelly of Texas, needs to explain her alleged actions.

"A witness says she revved her engine. I think it's a 25 mile speed limit, and civilians say she had to be doing 60. And she had ran a few red lights before. It makes me wonder myself, what was she thinking? Not only did she take an innocent life but she could have taken mine and my unborn child," Russell said.

"I can definitely say people need to slow down no matter what the circumstance. If you're late for work, late for school, you need to slow down," she said.

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