Nature Center can help you seal this Valentine’s Day with a ‘hiss’

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EVANSVILLE, Indiana — Well, here's an interesting spin on Valentine's Day gifting. A bouquet of roses won't last longer than a week, but a nature center in Evansville, Indiana is offering to name a cockroach after your special Valentine.

For a $10 donation, your loved one will receive a personalized digital certificate showing you have named a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach after them. Organizers say this doesn't need to be all about love, especially if you have someone that gets under your skin.

"Really, it's so neat because so many people say 'Eww' or 'Yuck,' or are afraid of them. But you know what, then name one after your mother-in-law, name them after an ex, somebody that just gets under your skin and creepy crawly you can name a roach after them," said Elaine Edwards with the Wesselman Woods Nature Center.

But you can also upgrade from just naming a roach. For $40, you can purchase the Sealed With a Hiss package, which includes a box of chocolate roaches and a printed certificate for your valentine.

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