App allows you to hide political posts from your Facebook feed

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A Quad City area man has created an app that lets you filter out all political posts from your Facebook News Feed.

"These days, I hear from a lot of people that they're getting annoyed with family and friends that they usually don't have issues with, except now they see it in their News Feed all the time. So this is a way to kind of preserve those relationships," said Matt Kruse, the creator of Social Fixer.

All you have to do is download the free app, and then choose one of the filters Kruse created or type in keywords to create your own.

Related posts disappear from your News Feed, and they are replaced by a small message saying, 'Hidden by the elections filter.'

"Social Fixer allows you to say, 'I want to look at cats and dogs today, I don't want to look at Trump news,'" said Kruse.

It's not just for politics -- you can also use the app to hide sponsored posts, spoilers for your favorite TV show, or even Pokemon Go.

Kruse developed the web application back in 2009, but he said he's seen a surge in its popularity since the November elections.

The app has about 300,000 users a day.

Right now, Social Fixer only works on desktop browsers, but Kruse says he's looking at ways to create a mobile version of the app.

You can download the app at

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