Pennsylvania-based movie ‘Groundhog Day’ was mostly filmed in Illinois

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While the 1993 movie “Groundhog Day” takes place in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, that’s not where you’ll find that nice bed and breakfast, or that “doozy” of a step on the street.

You’ll find them, and many other memorable locations, in Illinois. More than a dozen have been plaqued by Woodstock’s Groundhog Days committee.

Here are some of the highlights:


The Royal Victorian Manor, image from business’ website

The bed & breakfast — That quaint bed and breakfast that appeared to be just down the road from Gobbler’s Knob was in reality 575 miles away, in Woodstock, Illinois.  What you saw in the movie was actually shots of a 114-year-old Queen Anne-Victorian home, according to entertainment blog Slash Film. The home was turned into a bed and breakfast in 2008.

You’ll find the Royal Victorian Manor in Woodstock, Illinois, at 344 Fremont Street.

That “doozy” of a step — Again, not in Punxsutawney, but actually in Woodstock. At the corner of Cass Street and Main Street, there’s a plaque commemorating where Phil Connors stepped, soaking his foot and ankle.  The plaque is at 108 Cass Street.

The cafe – Where Phil Connors stuffed his face and learned details about his love interests, was the “Tip Top Cafe.” The restaurant, which was a creation for the movie, was later turned into Jaci’s Cookie Shop.  A Google search shows that Jaci’s former Cass Street location in Woodstock has closed. Now stands a restaurant called Taqueria La Placita.

Phil (the man) & Phil (the groundhog)’s wild ride — The scene where Phil Connors kidnapped the groundhog and sped off toward the rock quarries was filmed in Cary, Illinois.

Watch this movie “oops” below. If you pause at 10 seconds, you can clearly see the name of a store behind Ned Ryerson says “Woodstock Jewelers.”

Information from McHenry County Living

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