Moline-Coal Valley School District announces no merger; parents breathe a sigh of relief

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MOLINE, Illinois - Parents from the Moline-Coal Valley School District heard new plans to reduce class sizes and offer dual language to students.

This is after the superintendent recommended last week not to merge Lincoln-Irving and Willard Elementary schools.

The district's original plan was that kindergartners through third grade students would go to Lincoln-Irving and fourth and fifth graders would go to Willard. It's a way to even out class sizes and still offer classes in two languages to all students. Right now it's only offered at Lincoln-Irving.

However, this plan came with a lot of concerns from parents.

"We have a fourth and fifth grader and then we have two kindergartners, so it would have split them right in half and then we would had two going to one school and two going to another school. It's already pandemonium in the mornings for one school let alone having to do that with two schools," said parent, Tony Hacker.

Parent's voices were heard, on February 2nd, 2017, the district told parents its new plan. Keep things the way they are, but allow parents to choose if they want their kids to take dual language at Lincoln-Irving or traditional programs at Willard.

"Everyone seemed pretty unhappy with their original proposal, this new proposal really eliminates everybody`s unhappiness, uneasiness, everything. I think its great plan," said parent, Zack Dail.

Not only a plan that works for many parents, but a plan the school district says will work for it too.