High school students invest time in robotics, manufacturing

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DAVENPORT, Iowa — Students at the INSPIRE Academy are working on taking their robots to the next level. The "Combustible Lemons" are working on the next stage in their upcoming robotics competition after placing in several competitions this season.

Part of their work involved CNC machining and 3D printing. Students have used their skills replicating several door parts for the school district - at a fraction of the price.

"My high school shop was traditional wood working and metal working and welding and automotive. We didn't have anything as cool as this," said Greg Smith, Project Lead the Way teacher.

"This is something I can invest my time in and do something worthwhile," said Brittany Vick, freshman at Davenport West High School.

The Haas Foundation recently awarded the programs $10,000 for with $2,000 going toward helping fund the robotics team and $8,000 to fund scholarships for students pursuing degrees in advanced manufacturing over the next two years.