Students consider agriculture career path, as industry expects to grow

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ELDRIDGE, Iowa — Thousands of new jobs are predicted to open up during the next few years in the agriculture industry, and North Scott High School students had the opportunity to learns about Ag career paths on Friday, Jan. 27.

The president of the World Food Prize Foundation spoke with students about their option. Kenneth Quinn says it's common for teens to think a job in Ag means only doing the physical work of traditional farming.

About 58,000 average annual jobs will be available between 2015 and 2020 for graduated with a bachelor's (or higher) degree in food, Ag, renewable natural resources and environmental studies, says the United States Department of Agriculture. Almost half of those opportunities will be in management and business, while another 27 percent will be in education, communication and governmental services.

"We inspire them in high school," said Quinn.

The World Food Prize Foundation is based in Des Moines. Its youth programs encourage students to find ways to battle global hunger by studying agriculture.

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