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Missouri couple disturbed after home is ransacked, thieves even helping themselves to snacks

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Waldo couple says they feel violated after burglars broke into their home. The intruders helped themselves to their belongings, and helped themselves to a snack.

The couple FOX 4's Melissa Stern spoke to on Thursday says they're worried that the people who stole from them now have their personal information. They said the police who responded to their 911 call told them they're seeing a lot of this kind of crime in the Waldo area.

"Our front door was open, the glass screen door was still closed, the animals were still inside, I was kind of like, did I leave it unlocked? Did it somehow come open? What`s going on? Came in, saw the mess, went back outside, called the police, because you`re never sure if someone`s still inside the house or not," Connor Allen described.

Allen came home from class Wednesday night around 9:30 to find a mess.

"Random things from various shelves all over the place, just knocked down and left on the floor," Allen said.

But there were no broken doors or windows.

"They pushed the window unit air conditioner inside the house, from outside, and that`s how they gained access," Allen explained.

He called his girlfriend, Katie Hough, who was working and came home immediately.

"Just shocked that they would just do that to somebody`s house like that," Hough said.

They moved into this house in November, with no trouble before now.

"The audacity of it all is just unbelievable," said Hough.

"I was definitely worried... you know, it`s a violation, and it takes a while to get around it in your head before you can start processing it without feeling a little worried and scared about you`s going on," Allen said.

Their main concern was making sure their cats were okay, but they were especially bothered to see the thieves went through their dirty laundry, and even ate some of their snacks.

"We left a pan of Rice Krispie treats on the counter in the kitchen, and we discovered after the police had left, that they actually helped themselves to the Rice Krispie Treats," said Hough.

Thieves stole their laptop, tablet, Playstation, jewelry, personal and financial information, and now they're worried about identity theft.

Hough and Allen say they really like their neighborhood, they're just warning others to say this can happen anywhere. The couple wants to warn others to be more vigilant.

Now they've invested in home security including a motion sensor lights for outside, and a camera. They also put longer screws in all their doors to make them more secure.

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