Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner gives State of the State address

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SPRINGFIELD — Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner will give his third State of the State address Wednesday, January 25, 2017.

This is the same day members of the senate plan to vote on a compromise budget plan that includes an income tax increase and a massive pension overhaul to save up to a billion dollars a year.

While in Springfield, State Representative Tony McCombie says that although shes willing to compromise on a budget plan she does not think increasing taxes is the way to go, and that the Illinois General Assembly should look at other options.

“We can look at our piece of it, whether it’s on transportation….or human services which you never want to have to cut… Are there some duplicates? Is there one organization that could merge with another? Consolidation, there is a lot of talk of consolidation,” said McCombie.

She says the governor’s speech is also a time to reflect on the state’s accomplishments like keeping Exelon in the Quad City Area and the Governor’s plan to make pharmacies safer in the state.

The Illinois State of the State address starts at noon.