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Andalusia man pleads guilty, again, in 2013 deadly drunk driving crash

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ROCK ISLAND, Illinois – An Andalusia man has pleaded guilty in a 2013 drunk driving accident that killed his two passengers.

Mitchell Gayer plead guilty to one felony, in exchange for dropping the other prior  felony charge.

The sentencing range is three to 14 years in prison.

Rock Island County States Attorney John McGehee says the plea was the right thing to do in the case, which had been in the courts for more than three years.

“We reviewed all the evidence and the decision was made. We wanted him to take responsibility for this terrible accident. The case has been going on way too long, I will admit. This has been an emotional roller coaster for the family and I feel for them deeply, ” McGehee said in speaking with reporters after court.

Gayer plead guilty last year, and was sentenced to 18 years in prison. He was allowed to withdraw that plea and start over with a new defense attorney.

Today, prosecutors said Gayer’s blood alcohol at the time of the accident was .14, nearly two times the legal limit.

His pick-up hit a tree in Milan, and he and his two passengers were trapped inside. Jamie Sedam and Clayton Carver died.

Gayer has been out on bond for most of the past three years, and is expected to be sentenced on March 7th.

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