Silvis Police celebrate new high security police station

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SILVIS, Ill.-- Although move in day isn't for another month, Silvis Police celebrated the grand opening of their new police station with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

The 10,443 square foot station features a high security area with an evidence room, interview area and a dispatch center.

It'll also have a separate booking room from the rest of the station.

One of the key things the new building provides is safety.

"This new building comes in with safety features, key card access, three levels of security so if you get passed one, you'd have to go through two more to get to the heartbeat of our policing which is the dispatch center," says Silvis Police Chief Mark VanKlaveren.

The 2.5 million dollar building also includes an exercise room, a 30-seat community room, and a six car garage. The city of Silvis contributed one million dollars towards the facility and the rest is on loan.

Fifteen sworn in officers, one community officer and six dispatchers are expected to move into the new building sometime in March.

"When the city grows the police department grows with it," says VanKlaveren.