Farmers concerned about U.S. pulling out of Trans-Pacific Partnership

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EDGINGTON, Illinois - President Donald Trump's withdrawal from Trans-Pacific Partnership is raising concern among area farmers.

Phil Fuhr, a sixth generation soybean and corn farmer said exports are important to his business.

"About half of our soybean crop in the U.S. is exported and a little less than 20% of the corn crop is exported," said Fuhr.

Fuhr is concerned about what is next with the U.S. pulling out of the TPP.

"Generally this can backfire on U.S. agriculture ," he warned. "We can get locked out of some of those markets."

TPP would've helped U.S. farmers just like the North American Free Trade Agreement currently does, he added.

"These trade agreements typically open up all these countries that are involved, to allow free access of imports and exports," said Fuhr.

He's unsure exactly how the situation will affect him but hopes a better trade agreement will come out of it.