Davenport School Board tosses around ideas to cut spending

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DAVENPORT -- School board members are considering a plan that would cut $18 million from its budget over a span of three years.

The plan (explained here) was discussed Monday, January 23, 2017.  Davenport Superintendent Art Tate said the cuts are needed because of falling enrollment and a lack of state funding.

A statement released by Tate showed the drop in enrollment. Back in 1991, there were 17,788 students enrolled in the district; now there are 14,490 students enrolled.

"The consistently falling enrollment has required that a total of more than $22 million be reduced from general fund operations since 2010," Tate said.

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Some of the ideas presented were to increase class sizes, get rid of positions, and offer early retirement incentives.

There was no vote held and the plan is still being discussed.

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