Chicago police officer caught on video throwing coffee on motorcyclist

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CHICAGO -- An as-yet unnamed Chicago police officer may face disciplinary action after video surfaced of him throwing a cup of coffee onto a group of motorcycle riders.

The video was captured on a helmet cam worn by one of the motorcyclists,who said the officer walked into the street and threw hot coffee toward his head after one of the other riders popped a wheelie. The helmet cam video shows droplets of the hot liquid running down the helmet's face shield.

Alberto Perez, a parking lot attendant who was working nearby when the incident happened, said he was shocked.

"It's disturbing that a cop would do that," he said. "He didn't seem to be making any commotion at all."

Eddie Johnson, the Chicago Police Superintendent, said an investigation will be conducted.

"That investigation has been opened up, and when it comes down to it, that officer will be held accountable and be disciplined appropriately," he said.