WGN Prepares for Season Two of ‘Outsiders’

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New York, NEW YORK - WGN America is gearing up for the second season of Outsiders, and in August of 2016, the stars came to the Edition Hotel to be interviewed by members of the Tribune Media Company.

In the fictional show 'Outsiders,' the Farrell clan has lived in the Appalachian Mountains for more than 200 years.

Ryan Hurst, who plays Gary Bertier in 'Remember The Titans,' stars as Little Foster Farrell in the hit series. His life takes a turn for the worst at the end of season one, when his father Big Foster is killed.

"We're all sort of isolated," Hurst said of the Farrells. "We're all in our own little worlds."

David Morse plays Big Foster in season one. He led his family's clan in the fight against the Blackburg, Kentucky community and a coal mining company trying to take its land.

"My trying to save this community with guns in particular, which is just not a part of our world for the last 200 years, really kind of tore the community apart," Morse said.

The death of Big Foster also created a problem for actor Gillian Alexy, who plays Big Foster's wife Gwin. In season two, she is the ruler of the clan.

"It's perhaps not as easy as she anticipated, and she has challenges she faces with that," Alexy said.

Alexy's partner during the August interview was Francie Swift, who plays Haylie Grimes in the show. Grimes is the community relations manager for the coal mining company, trying to take the Farrell land. She says part of the appeal to the show is the unique world that Outsiders has, which is different from anything you'd see on Earth.

"In having that weird, wonderful world, you can also have some themes that you are familiar with, and you are more receptive and interested in that world than you are just 'kitchen sink drama,'' Swift said.

Season two of Outsiders begins Tuesday, January 24, 2017 on WGN America at 8 p.m.