Residents clean up after ice jam floods parts of North Shore Drive

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MOLINE, Illinois - It wasn't the first time an ice jam on the Rock River has caused problems on North Shore Drive.

"Last night there was ice galore, I was up all night, I was fighting ice going through here, it was trying to clog up against both of these steps and I had to keep it moving," said Joe Senatra, resident.

Senatra who is known to some as the Mayor of North Shore Drive has seen his share of floods in his 62 years living along the river.

He said the flooding happens fast.

"You only have time to get your hip boots on and you get your clothes on and get out of the house," said Senatra.

Residents said you can't really know what will happen.

"Literally compared to my neighbors up and down the road, you know these trees saved me, they literally did," said Steve Vyncke, resident.

The damage made some even question if it's worth living along the river but residents said they don't plan to leave anytime soon.