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Rally calls for equality in the Quad Cities

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BETTENDORF, Iowa - More than 100 people gathered in Bettendorf, Iowa to make their voices heard.

The Quad Cities Equality Rally brought people together from all different backgrounds with one common goal.

"We celebrate diversity all of our differences, I believe that if you're lucky enough to be born different, never change," said participant Cynthia Tobin.

For Tobin who is a mother and grandmother the messages meant a lot to her.

"It just gives me so much hope, it gives me so much hope, I've been very down," said Tobin.

One of the goals was to bring people together.

"I wanted people to meet each other, obviously we have a community of people who are gonna rally behind one-another and show unity, in anything that`s against equality and civil rights," said Emilyne Slagle, rally organizer.

People were focusing on how they can make a change here in the Quad Cities.

"Locally it affects us so much more and I don`t know if people really understand how we can affect our local leaders and how so much more of that will affect our everyday lives as a community as opposed to nationally," said Slagle.

Organizers believed this was a start of creating a community of people to come together and stand up for change.