Augustana College students experience “history in the making”

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Andrew Parker reacts after watching President Trump's Inaugural Address on TV at campus viewing

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois –

Augustana College hosted an inauguration viewing via TV at its Rock Island campus on Friday, January 20, 2017.

They listened as President Donald Trump promised to launch “a great national effort to rebuild the country and restore promise.”

Freshman Andrew Parker was among the small group of students taking it all in.

“At the very least, it’s history in the making,” he said.  “It’s important to watch, definitely.”

As President Trump laid out his vision for making “America first,” the Moline student appreciated the tone and content.

“He said a lot of really nice things,” Parker continued.  “I do like how he was very patriotic.  He did have some very good points.”

President Trump encouraged his audience to “think big and dream even bigger.”  Concepts that hit close to home for the students.

“Regardless of if you supported him or not, you need to look at this in a positive way,” Parker concluded.  “You need to look at this in an optimistic way, and you need to go at it with optimism.  That’s the best way you’ll have a good outcome.”

President Trump promises that the “forgotten will be forgotten no longer.”

He said that his inauguration marks the day that the “people became rulers of the nation again.”

President Trump said that the “time for empty talk is over.”

He said that the “hour of action” is here.

Students like Andrew Parker were glad that could experience presidential history long-distance on Friday through the special viewing at Augustana College.