River Bend Foodbank announces push to end meal gap in Scott County

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DAVENPORT, Iowa — River Bend Foodbank is launching a new push to fight hunger in Scott County, Iowa.

"We're announcing today a three-year effort to really grow the meal distribution, specifically in Scott County," said director Mike Miller, on January 19, 2017.

Alarming statistics show that Scott County is only meeting about a quarter of the need when it comes to feeding the hungry.

"Here, Scott County is significantly underserved," Miller continued.

In its service area, one in eight people don't get enough to eat.  That includes a startling one in five children.

That's why the foodbank plans to mark its 35th anniversary by unveiling a strategy to improve outreach in Scott County.

Outreach will include a new website and community involvement.

"It takes three things: food, time and money," Miller said.  "We're always looking for ways to get more food."

River Bend Foodbank serves 22 counties in Iowa and Illinois.  But its research show the biggest need is close to home in Scott County.

The foodbank blames a shortage of pantries and a need for new ways to feed the hungry.

"The only thing it will take to end hunger is for everyone to commit to not throwing away food that could be eaten by someone in need," Miller said.

River Bend Foodbank stepped up to provide more than 11 million meals in 2016.  It wants to double that figure by 2025.

"We're halfway to the goal of ending hunger," Miller concluded.

After 35 years of hard work in the Quad Cities, that's quite an accomplishment.