Davenport woman wins $21k from Pick 4 lotto ticket

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DAVENPORT — One very lucky lottery ticket has made a Davenport woman $21,250 richer.

Frances Thibodeaux bought her winning Pick 4 game from a Kwik Shop on West Kimberly Road and ended up winning five prizes from the ticket.

“She won four prizes totaling $21,000 by matching all four of the numbers drawn in the exact order: 1-0-2-1; this is known as a straight play,” read a statement from the Iowa Lottery. “She also won an additional $250 by matching the winning numbers, but not in the exact order drawn; this is known as a box play.”

The drawing was Sunday, January 15, 2017.

Pick 4 is a daily game that gives the player many choices of how they want to arrange their selections. Click here to learn more about prizes and odds of this game.