Iowa DOT continues to put in work following ice storm

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DES MOINES - It's been a busy few days for the Iowa Department of Transportation workers, and the work isn't quite done yet.

The ice storm over the weekend forced some DOT crews to put in almost 400 hours. They will now spend the next couple of days cleaning brine off trucks, refilling pot holes and fixing damaged signs and guard rails along the roads.

"It's crucial. We are minutemen. Once we know, once we are aware that something is compromised, especially critical signs that are going to warn the traveling public they gotta stop or merge. We have to get out there and get it repaired. If a stop sign is damaged, we will take a temp out there and sand bag it down. That way you have something in place until we can get the repairs done," said Jim Scott with the Iowa DOT.

Those repairs can be costly - replacing a stop sign costs about $200 and a guard rail can be upwards of $5,000.

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