Surveillance video shows attempted break-in

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STERLING, Illinois - A video caught on a surveillance camera shows two men attempting to enter a Sterling man's home.

"I figured, if you`re gonna come into a house, you're not coming in unprepared and I'm standing here unprepared," said Conan Swanson.

He was eating dinner with his family when the incident happened.

"I see the door handle shake, I hear a thud and I pull back the curtain and we looked at each other and his eyes got real big," said Swanson.

Swanson said he was thankful he had his front door locked because he's not sure what would've happened if the person would've gotten in.

"It looked suspicious, something that would definitely need to be called in and investigated further," said Officer Kyle Wyckstandt, Sterling Police Department.

Sterling police said they see break-ins happen on occasion and in incidents like this, it helps when they have a recording.

"Home surveillance helps out in every case, whether it be vehicle burglaries, home invasions, anything," said Officer Wyckstandt.

Swanson posted his video on Facebook and it has already received more than 2,000 shares.

"I got a lot of friend requests from my neighbors, I get to meet a lot of my neighbors, it's almost like a community watch," said Swanson.

Police remind people to always lock their doors and to report any suspicious activity.

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