Icy Monday Morning: Where the worst of it was

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Good morning all!

The Winter Weather Advisory has expired for Henry (Iowa), Des Moines, Henderson, Warren, and Knox Counties. A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect through noon today for all other counties. Freezing rain will be a big part of our morning commute with temperatures hovering right around 32 degrees. As of 10 AM, we're seeing the freezing rain transitioning to rain. However, expect some icy conditions throughout the rest of the morning. Still take caution if you need to head out!

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Temperatures will rise above freezing around noon today, bringing an end to our icy weather. Rain will still continue through the day with highs around 38 degrees.

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen

Katrina Lamansky January 16, 20175:56 am

Eric Sorensen January 16, 20175:57 am

Viewer in Burlington says the roads aren’t too bad. Temperatures are rising above 32 degrees.

Eric Sorensen January 16, 20175:58 am

Facebook report: Lance Carlson Side streets are icy. Main roads wet in Oneida,Illinois.

Eric Sorensen January 16, 20175:58 am

Facebook report: Sandy Nealon Mount Morris Illinois is all ice. Went out at 2 and the main roads were ok.

Eric Sorensen January 16, 20175:59 am

Facebook report: Jourdian McCarthy In reynolds i couldnt make it past 15 without fishtailing but that was in town i called into work

Katrina Lamansky January 16, 20176:01 am

Facebook report: Aaron Bellows Roads are terrible from rockfalls to Dixon….Layer of ice

Eric Sorensen January 16, 20176:02 am

Facebook report: Matt Lowers Wet and 33.8 degrees at Sheffield, Illinois.

Eric Sorensen January 16, 20176:04 am

Weather watcher Chris in Walcott, IA says there’s a thin glaze of ice outside and it’s still raining. Temperature is 31 degrees.

Katrina Lamansky January 16, 20176:05 am

Facebook report: Aaron Morrison Burlington roads are okay but are getting slick. I live north of town and my gravel road was really slick.

Katrina Lamansky January 16, 20176:08 am

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Eric Sorensen January 16, 20176:09 am

Facebook report: Jill Dunn Drove in from Seaton to Aledo on 94 and it was clear.

Eric Sorensen January 16, 20176:09 am

Facebook report: Amanda Flynn Norman Freezing rain, slick roads in Rockford.

Eric Sorensen January 16, 20176:10 am

Facebook report: Tara Frey Made it from West Davenport by Emeis golf course all to way to Milan Hyvee for work via 280. Highway was good, side roads a Lil slick. But I’m here safe and sound. Happy Monday!!!

Eric Sorensen January 16, 20176:17 am

Facebook report: Jennifer Stafford Bell Hubby made it from Orion to Davenport. Interstate was good, ramps and side roads a bit slick. And yes, I made him call me when he got there! 😊

Eric Sorensen January 16, 20176:17 am

Facebook report: Mike Sigafus Icy Warren Illinois

Eric Sorensen January 16, 20176:19 am

Yikes! Might be hard just getting in the truck. Here’s what Carole reports:

Carole Pinney If your vehicle is parked outside, check your doors. I won’t worry about the roads UNTIL I can get my truck doors open.

Eric Sorensen January 16, 20176:20 am

All eyes on temperatures. But keep in mind that just because you may be at 33 or 34 degrees, it will still be icy on the ground. We’re displaying AIR temperatures, not GROUND temperatures. 

Stay safe!

Eric Sorensen January 16, 20176:21 am

Thin glaze of ice reported at Quad City International Airport as of 6:10am. Several air delays reported this morning. Call ahead if you’re taking a flight out!

Eric Sorensen January 16, 20176:24 am

Facebook report: David Benson We have 32* in Galva sidewalks are treacherous. Just walked the dog and almost fell down 3 different times. Another couple degrees and with this drizzle driving will get really tricky.

Eric Sorensen January 16, 20176:24 am

Patty Haferbier Matheis Fulton IL..Ice covered roads at 6….no treatment on roads up our way n we are on a hill.

Eric Sorensen January 16, 20176:24 am

William L Hamilton Savanna.30 degrees, rain coming down.Roads very icy and slick!!!

Eric Sorensen January 16, 20176:26 am
Tom Osborn It’s freezing raining in Cleveland Illinois
Katrina Lamansky January 16, 20176:28 am

Jezyzz Gutierrez drove from rock island to muscatine with no problems at all roads where good but it was around 4 am

Katrina Lamansky January 16, 20176:33 am

Eric Sorensen January 16, 20176:33 am

Facebook report: Linda Sass Be careful out there! My neighbor just left in his tow truck. Davenport.

Katrina Lamansky January 16, 20176:36 am

Eric Sorensen January 16, 20176:37 am

BREAKING NEWS: Viewer report

I88 East bound just past the I80 underpass has a bunch of cars in the ditch and about 12 to 15 cars on the side of the road with hazards on. Traffic is moving slow East bound. I just came in on I88 westbound. Be careful on I88 its slick!!

Katrina Lamansky January 16, 20176:39 am

Red indicates heavy traffic issue

Katrina Lamansky January 16, 20176:44 am

Lisa Ann Olds I deliver newspapers in Colona. Gravel and blacktop is very slick; some concrete driveways and walks are just wet, others have a film of ice. I suggest walking on the grass where ever possible. 

Katrina Lamansky January 16, 20176:45 am

DeeAnn Cecchetti In northeast Carroll County in IL solid ice here. We’re NOT going anywhere today! Be safe everyone!

Eric Sorensen January 16, 20176:47 am

Caroline Grant Village of Andalusia…rain coming down and icy surfaces

Katrina Lamansky January 16, 20176:56 am

Lynn K-Kuster Dewitt roads in town are slick

Katrina Lamansky January 16, 20176:57 am

Amanda Horn Hwy 34 Henderson county to Burlington is wet

Katrina Lamansky January 16, 20177:00 am

Shawn from Carbon Cliff tells us that his blacktop parking lot “is a skating rink” this morning

Eric Sorensen January 16, 20177:11 am

Our crew is on the scene of an accident on I-88, just east of I-80 in East Moline. First pics coming up at 7:25am. Live reports through the morning.

Katrina Lamansky January 16, 20177:18 am

Here’s a look at what’s happening on I-88 near Joslin

Katrina Lamansky January 16, 20177:22 am

Here are the details of what’s happening on I-88 https://wqad.com/2017/01/16/multi-car-pileup-slows-traffic-on-i-88-near-joslin/ 

Katrina Lamansky January 16, 20177:26 am

Scanner traffic is reporting quite a few falls and slips in the ice this morning.

Roads are slick, but be careful walking out of your house too!
Eric Sorensen January 16, 20177:27 am

News 8’s Lauren Simone will have another live report from the accident scene coming up at 7:57am.

Eric Sorensen January 16, 20177:28 am

Joanna Mellenthin Side roads in Bettendorf are slick but main roads are treated and ok

Eric Sorensen January 16, 20177:29 am

Kent Helbell says all ice in Durant, Iowa.

Eric Sorensen January 16, 20177:55 am

Temperatures slowing rising above freezing along US-34 corridor. But icy conditions expected through noon in most areas.

Katrina Lamansky January 16, 20177:55 am

The City of Davenport says that CitiBus may be delayed this morning because of the icy conditions

Eric Sorensen January 16, 20178:22 am

Main arterial streets are slushy. Side streets remain icy.

Katrina Lamansky January 16, 20178:35 am

It’s freezing and icy in DeWitt, according to a viewer

Katrina Lamansky January 16, 20179:00 am

Sandy Wilson the roads ,some are ok some are really bad heard going north is really bad going towards Dewitt ,and Maq.

Katrina Lamansky January 16, 20179:00 am

Michael Calvert Highway 30 Clinton to DeWitt was wet. The ramp to highway 61 was slippery. 61 from DeWitt to Maquoketa was icy in spots. The off ramp was bad. Best to just slow down.

Katrina Lamansky January 16, 20179:04 am

A viewer this morning said they “saw a truck in northeast Whiteside County spreading salt in reverse because the road was so icy”

Taylor Graham January 16, 20179:35 am

Freezing rain is transitioning to rain along and north of I-80. Still be aware that icy conditions are possible through the rest of the morning.