Davenport leaders plan $18M street, sewer repairs next year

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DAVENPORT, Iowa — Davenport leaders are planning to put millions of dollars into the city's streets and sewers over the next few years.

The city held its second budget work session on Saturday, Jan. 14, and focused on the six-year plan for infrastructure projects. City leaders say they want to invest heavily in streets and sewers, putting $124 million into them over the next six years.

Many of the specific projects come from residents' suggestions.

"Throughout the year we'll receive a lot of inquiries and a lot of comments from residents of, 'Oh when is this street gonna be fixed or get to that.' A lot of that input actually is very helpful for us in forming the game plan for what it is we're going to be addressing over the next six years," said Brandon Wright, chief financial officer.

Next year alone, the city plans to put $18 million into street projects, including repairs to Rockingham Road.