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Neighbor says abandoned mobile home park remains an eyesore

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SCOTT COUNTY, Iowa - A Quad City man says he wants the eyesore behind his house cleaned up.

Jerry Tracy did a lot of work to make his house a home, "I opened the kitchen up, I put new roofs on it, I put new windows in it, new doors, new siding."

However, now that work often goes unnoticed.

"No matter what I do to my house it`s still going to look bad because of what`s around it," said Tracy.

When he looks out his back door he sees empty trailers with busted windows and doors.

"It's unsanitary, unsafe you know and it`s bull crap," said Tracy.

The Lake Canyada Mobile Home Park has been vacant for more than a year. It closed because of sewer problems, but when its residents left everything else stayed, including more than 30 trailers.

"It`s worse now than it was with people living there. At least they kept the yard mowed and they kept the garbage picked up and now it`s just the weeds are growing all through it and then the garbage is thrown around," said Tracy.

Tracy wants to know why it's taking so long to get cleaned up.

"I could have went over there with a wheel barrel and had it cleaned out in the amount of time they`ve been there," said Tracy.

Scott County says it has asked the new owner to clean up the garbage but as far as the trailers go, DNR is handling it. The county says DNR tested the trailers to see if there's any asbestos; it's waiting on those results before they give the owner the go ahead to tear them down.

"It`s like a trailer dump over there you know and its there`s no reason for it," said Tracy.

The county says it doesn't know when the test results will come in, but if there is asbestos it will take even longer to demolish the trailers.


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