East Moline apartment complex goes without heat, residents say building has constant problems

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EAST MOLINE, Illinois - People living in an East Moline apartment complex say they've been without heat nearly a dozen times since November.

The latest was just this week and renters say they never know what to expect or if the problems will get fixed.

“I’ve talked to everyone in the building. No one has heat,” says Laina Cook.

Cook pays $575 a month for rent live in her apartment with utilities and heat included.

Since November, she says the heat at McKinley Apartments in East Moline has gone out nearly a dozen times.

“It's cold. We have families with kids in this building with no heat. The only way we can heat up the apartments is with three little space heaters,” added Cook.

It’s now been two consecutive days without heat as of January 13, 2017. Renters say the problems started after the former owner ditched the property and filed for bankruptcy.

“The heat will work for a couple days then go out and usually is only on really cold days when it won’t come on,” says Kylee Slagel.

Heat isn't the only problem. Renters say the property has been poorly managed for years. Things break and don't always get fixed.

“No heat, moldy ceilings. The girl next store's septic tank keeps over flowing,” added Cook.

They also feel that because the building is in bankruptcy no one is in control.

“They are supposed to be fixing stuff but nothing is getting done,” says Summer Divers.

After news 8 started making calls on Friday January 13, 2017 a heating and air conditioning company showed up to the McKinley Apartments.

We’re told work was done on the boiler but Cook says it's only a matter of time until something else happens.

“Figure out what's going on because no one seems to know how to use the boiler system,” added Cook.

Since the building's ownership is up in the air the other parties involved did not want to comment.

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