Public wanted to “say cheese” at free photo shoot

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The Putnam Museum is calling on all Quad Citians to help make history with a community-wide portrait one picture at a time.

The Putnam held a preview shoot on Thursday, where participants brought everything from bugs to heirlooms as props for their photographs.

Kansas City photographer Tom Styrkowicz was hired by the museum for the project to mark its 150th anniversary, and create photos of Quad Citians to fill the museum walls.

"It's a community portrait, one at a time, but then when you see them up on the wall, its magic," said Styrkowicz, who has done similar projects in the past.

Putnam president and CEO Kim Findlay says everyone is invited this weekend to get their picture taken, and the event is free, with a print of the photograph included.

"Come be a part of this history project we are creating together, make history. Bring something that is meaningful to you, that means Quad Cities to you. Either its culture, or history, your family history, but you have to be able to hold it in your hand, it can't be ginormous," she said.

Phyllis Hallene of Moline brought a stereopticon to the photo shoot, a "magic lantern" from the 1800's that she received from her grandparents.

Karla Thayer, an education specialist for the Putnam, brought along two hissing cockroaches to be in her photo. Yes, cockroaches.

"Since I take care of these guys I figured why not let the community know what I do?" Thayer said.

All ages are invited to the Putnam for their photo shoot this weekend only, starting Friday January 13th from noon to 4pm. The hours are the same Saturday and Sunday.