Chef Scott: Asian Pork Satays

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BETTENDORF, Iowa – Pork is king in the Midwest.  But you can go East to get a unique taste.

"You know I've got this beautiful cut of pork butt for $1.39 a pound," said Chef Brad Scott, director of Scott Community College's Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management programs.

Today he's making Asian Satay.

"What's an Asian Satay?" he asks.

"You know it better as a shish-kabob."

1.  Cut a nice steak from the pork butt
2.  Then cut into strips (six ounces per person)
3.  Place cut pork to a plastic bag for marination
4.  Add can of coconut milk to the bag
5.  Add 1 tsp of five spice Asian spice
6.  Add 1 tsp ginger
7.  Add 1 Tbsp black, coarse pepper
8.  Add 1 tsp garlic
9.  Add 1 tsp salt
10.  Seal the bag and massage the spices into the meat until fell coated
11.  Place in a refrigerator for one hour (to tenderize and add flavor)
12.  Weave coated meat of bamboo spears (soak the spears in water for an hour)
13.  Grill six to seven minutes per side
14.  Serve with baked potatoes, peas, and top with soy sauce

"Iowa meets Asian flair," says the chef.