The push to kick Speaker Mike Madigan out fails

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SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - A push to bring new leadership to Illinois failed in Springfield today.

The new General Assembly voted to keep Michael Madigan as the Speaker of the House.

Protestors stood outside the University of Illinois Springfield to send a message to lawmakers inside.

"Getting Madigan out of that extremely powerful post he`s held for so many of years this is the first step getting reform back to our state," said protestor Austin Berg.

The other half were protesting to keep Michael Madigan as Speaker of the House.

"Mike Madigan has been a great supporter of working people. He is supporting not only unions but all the working people in the state of Illinois," said Sean Stott.

There's been a push to urge lawmakers to vote Michael Madigan out as Speaker of the House. He's held that position for 30 years.

Some say a change in leadership is what Illinois needs.

"I don`t think it`s healthy for any position to be held that long I really don`t, whether he`s doing a good job or a bad job it`s irrelevant. He`s been doing it for too long," said State Rep. Tony McCombie (R) Savannah.

After 100th General Assembly inauguration lawmakers had to vote on who they wanted to be Speaker of the House. The nominations were Mike Madigan and Republican leader Jim Durkin.

In the end Madigan received enough votes to be sworn in as Speaker for his 17th term. He received 66 votes while Durkin received 51.

Illinois has gone two years with a budget.