School in Davenport is taking steps to lower number of flu cases

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - St. Paul the Apostle School has reduced the number of flu cases each year.

"We had a 50% percent drop in the flu over the last couple of years, so three years ago we had over 1,000 incidences of reported flu, we're down to 500," said Julie Delaney, St. Paul the Apostle School Principal.

Delaney credits the flu vaccine with making the biggest impact in reported cases.

The school also keeps hand sanitizer in every classroom.

"We also are very careful with the kids about washing hands, making sure that hand railings, drinking fountains and things are all sanitized on a regular basis," said Delaney.

The school also urges the students to use water bottles instead of the drinking fountain.

This is the time of the year when hospitals start seeing cases of the flu.

"In the last couple weeks, we're starting to see the increase in patients in our emergency departments and in our clinics and hospitals with influenza like illnesses and influenza," said Lisa Caffery, Genesis Infection Prevention Coordinator.

Both the hospitals and school are taking action to keep people healthy.