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Cooking with Fareway: 5 ‘Good Mood Foods’

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If you find yourself slipping into the cold-weather blues, there are five types of foods you can incorporate in your diet to help.

  1. Complex Carbs to regulate your blood sugar and help with serotonin production: Find these in whole grains, fruits and vegetables
  2. Lean Proteins have tryptophan which controls serotonin and dopamine levels in your brain. They can also help you stay alert: Find these in tuna, turkey, chicken, and lean beef
  3. Vitamin D, known as the sunshine vitamin: Find these in dairy products and in egg yolks
  4. B Vitamins can help people be less depressed: Find them in beans, nuts, and dark leafy vegetables
  5. Omega 3 Fatty Acids are great for your brain and regulate serotonin: Find them in salmon, flax seed,walnuts, and canola oil

This information was brought to us by Fareway Dietitian, Caitlyn Ferin.
Remember to have a consistent eating pattern for constant fuel and energy and make sure you're exercising and sleeping well.

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