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Active, potentially wintry pattern expected through January 22

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We haven't had a weather system bring more than a few sprinkles or light snow since Christmas. That's about to change. As expected, we will enter into a more active weather pattern beginning this week, lasting about a week and a half. That's about the amount of time that passes before the switch gets turned off and on this winter.

For the Upper Midwest, it means an increasing chance for more snowfall. However, that will take place in the Dakotas, Minnesota and Wisconsin for the next week. After that, the active pattern could produce more wintry weather for Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana.

Even this weekend, we could have some nasty wintry weather across the Midwest. Right now, there's a chance of an all-out ice storm from Springfield, Illinois to Oklahoma City. The I-44 corridor out of St. Louis appears to be the main zone right now. But if this system shifts at all to the north, we could be impacted. It will be a wild set up since the Gulf of Mexico will be open for business, moisture-wise. This could produce some 1 inch rains, which if they fall on top of a sub-freezing lower atmosphere, could prove catastrophic.

Stay tuned on this. Again, any shift north would put us in the crosshairs for the weekend.

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen

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