Jazzercise helping young women live a healthy lifestyle in 2017

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EAST MOLINE, Illinois - A mix of dancing and strength training is what can be found at a Jazzercise class in East Moline.

"The reason we've been around a long time is because it's such a safe effective program, so very proud of the fact that you can do it for your whole life," said Sherri Kotula, Jazzercise Instructor.

Women of all ages enjoyed dancing to the beat of the music.

"I started Jazzercise in 1982, I was 37 years old, now I'm 39," said Judee Carlson, Jazzercise participant.

Women ages 16 to 21 who sign up will get to participate in classes for free all year in 2017.

"We're just trying to empower younger generation to start some healthy habits, you know, if they start them at a young age, they'll probably continue them into adulthood," said Kotula.

For one first-timer she was excited to start her first class.

"I'm looking forward to dancing because I know that Sherri's crazy and I know that Margie's crazy and they just have a lot of fun," said Payton Mink, first time participant.

Mink said she's excited to be surrounded by the positive energy.

"When you're surrounded by people who encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle you tend to go towards that way," said Mink.

Ladies from all walks of life, working out together, dancing their way to fitness.

"I can't stop Jazzercising, it's in my blood, it just runs through my veins and once you're in it it's the best thing for your health, ever," said Carlson.

For more information on how to sign up for Jazzercise click here.