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North Scott students tackle eating disorders through awareness night

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ELDRIDGE, Iowa - More people are dying from eating disorders than any other mental illness. The Eating Disorder Foundation says about 30 million men and women in America suffer from an eating disorder.

Students at North Scott High school are working to combat eating disorders in communities by starting an awareness movement at their school.

During the Friday January 6, 2017 North Scott High School basketball game, students like Bailey Hall turned people’s attention off the court.

“It’s very different to walk into the pit and see that we're talking about eating disorders,” says Bailey Hall.

Hall is a junior at North Scott and recovering from an eating disorder.

She, along with other students planned Friday's eating disorder awareness night through their student government class.

“These past two years Bailey has worked hard to make this awareness night possible since she is passionate about raising awareness for eating disorders,” says Junior Stephanie Black.

The National Eating Disorders Association says more than half of women and a third of men suffer from an eating disorder. By age six girls start to worry about their weight or shape.

“People do have it and it's not just women. It’s men too,” says Sophomore Hayden Lightle.

The students hope this night will help families and people struggling with an eating disorder know where to find help.

“The beauty of having students put on this type of awareness night about controversial topics is these are topics that affect them,” says North Scott English teacher, Jennifer Sambdman.

“It's something that's very difficult to talk about but once you open up you'll probably feel like a weight has lifted off your shoulders,” added Hall.

Hall hopes by getting the ball rolling on this movement it will take weight off everyone's mind.

Over $100 were raised during the awareness night and will be donated to the Eating Disorder Coalition of Iowa.

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