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Iowa’s IJAG program giving Davenport students ahead start

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DAVENPORT, Iowa-- Students Central High in James Porter's class are working on a special kind of project for a special program.

The class created and designed album covers using their favorite songs they hear on the radio to best represent themselves.

This class is a part of  an Iowa Jobs for America's Graduates, or I-Jag class. It is a statewide program offered to some Iowa students as an elective, to help kids figure out what they want to do with their once they leave high school.

"A lot of our kids, they come from different walks of life but they all want the same thing out of life and that's to be successful," says Porter.

Throughout the school year the students are given the tools they need to find out more about professions they might be interested in.

Projects like the CD cover design also help the students learn more about themselves before stepping outside into the real world.

"Kids are really into music and so this assignment pretty much lets them make a playlist about their life," says Porter.


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