19-year-old Davenport man sentenced after hitting and killing construction worker

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DAVENPORT, Iowa-- Outside the Scott County Courthouse, Joyce Hajostek stands alongside her construction coworkers holding a sign saying 'We want Justice', justice for her coworker and friend Willie Holley of Rock Island.

She was there the day Holley was hit and killed on the job off of Highway 61 outside of Blue Grass, Iowa. He was hit by 19-year-oldĀ  Sebon Reese of Davenport.

Coworkers say Holley worked all his life, and he was just 30 days from retirement.

Police say Reese was driving over 100 mph with his one-year-old baby sister in the backseat when he hit Holley.

On Thursday, Jan. 5, a judge sentenced Reese to 30 consecutive years behind bars for hitting and killing Holley and for trying to flee from police. Reese was already sentenced to 15 years for previous unrelated charges, and 15 more were added on Thursday.

"5 years, 30 years, it won't bring my brother back. He was the glue that kept a lot of us together," says Holley's younger brother Andrew Steward.

"It's just a tragedy that someone took his life and he was such a sweet guy, always smiling, always laughing. If you worked with Willie, you were going to be smiling," says Hajostek.

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