Pot-bellied pigs could soon be considered pets in Burlington, Iowa

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BURLINGTON, Iowa — Pot-bellied pigs could soon be pets for people in Burlington, Iowa.

Currently, pot-bellied pigs are considered livestock in Burlington and Christina Hancock wants to get that changed.

"Other cities allow them and our ordinance is outdated and needs to be changed," said Christina Hancock.

She asked the city council to change the current ordinance.

"Right now, it's just gonna be in the investigative stage to see what other communities are doing, to see if it really works with our community, to see if it is something that we can do," said Burlington Mayor Shane A. McCampbell.

Hancock said there are a lot of benefits to having a pot-bellied pig.

"They'd make a good pet for somebody with allergies per say, they're smart, they can be litter trained, they can be housebroken to go outside like a dog, they can walked on a leash," said Hancock.

She isn't the only person in Burlington who's interested in having a pig as a pet.

"My daughter said, 'So when do we get our pig?' and I was just like what are you talking about," said McCampbell.

"If allowing this ordinance could bring people joy and this is the trend that's not going to cause problems or issues for other people then I'm all in, I wouldn't have any problem," said McCampbell.

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