Parent’s worries grow as Illinois budget stalemate continues

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KEWANEE, Illinois - Illinois has set a record for going the longest time without passing a state budget. It's leaving some people with little confidence the job will get done.

Mike Nichols watches his daughter play basketball from the sidelines, but there's another game he's worried about, the political game among lawmakers in Springfield.

"Well it's disappointing that they can`t come to some sort of consensus on the budget issue," said Nichols.

Lawmakers will start a new session on January 9th and yet again try to get a budget passed.

However some parents aren't expecting much.

"Not confident at all, no I think it could be this way for a while yet," said Nichols.

"Until one side is willing loosen up its going to be a challenge and I don`t think that's going to happen," said Todd Winter.

People are getting tired of lawmakers passing the blame onto one another because in the end parents say they're the ones being impacted, from education, social services, state police and other agencies.

"The longer we go the more in debt they get, the more things just start to fall apart," said Winter.

The frustration may be turning into an exodus. Illinois lost more than 114,000 residents last year.

"People are leaving the state of Illinois so that speaks volumes about where we`ve come as a state and people are obviously concerned about the path we`re going down," said Nichols.

For Nichols, he's worried what the future will look like for his daughter.

"Getting a job someday, you know gainful employment of some sort, will she be able to find something here," said Nichols.

The rest of the state continues to wait for a little teamwork at the state capitol.

"Let's just get together and make something better for all of us, not just for one side or the other," said Winter.

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