Muscatine man warns about fake money scam on swap sites

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MUSCATINE, Iowa - Police say they are seeing a new type of scam in our area. It involves popular swap sites and phony money.

Dalton Clevenger was just looking to make some extra cash. He posted an iPhone for sale on a swap site.

"I happened to get someone interested," said Clevenger.

After messaging back and forth with the guy, "The person that message me said you know all he had two $100 dollar bills and if had any change and I was like sure I can give you $75 to make the difference," they agreed to meet at a gas station in Davenport.

"I give him you know the phone and the money, he hands me the two 100 dollar bills," said Cleveneger.

Clevenger says he then went about his day; it wasn't until he went to a store to buy some things that he would learn he was scammed.

"An associate told me the currency was fake. I was kind of freaking out because you know fake money that`s trouble and I didn`t want to get in trouble for that," said Clevenger.

Taking a second look, he noticed the flaw, printed on the back 'motion picture use only'. Clevenger realized not only had the guy gotten a phone for free he walked away with $75.

"It sucks and you know happens, but you never think it will happen to you," said Clevenger.

He's not the only one; another woman tells News 8 she too was given two fake $100 bills by a different person after posting something for sale on a swap site.

As for Clevenger he says he's going to be a lot more cautious when it comes to selling stuff online and he hopes others follow his lead, "Just be careful out there because you just never know."

Both the Davenport and Moline Police Departments are looking into the scam.

Police say it's pretty easy to get a hold of fake money, people can buy it online.

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