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How to prevent furniture tip-over incidents

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ROCK ISLAND, Illinois - When shopping for furniture you may look at the size, shape or color.

Something you may not think about, is the danger of a dresser falling.

In Orem, Utah a dresser fell on a two-year-old boy, his twin lifted the dresser off of him.

The kids were okay but it could have been deadly.

"It can weigh 50 to a couple hundred pounds, so it can do some serious damage," said Larry Fennelly, Discounted Furniture Owner.

At Discounted Furniture all of their dressers come with connectors.

"It's really important to attach those, kids are gonna climb over dressers and they tip over TV's," said Fennelly.

It only takes a few minutes and a few tools to make sure a dresser is safely on the wall.

"A simple metal clip from the hardware store and zip ties and screws, just find a stud, they're located right next to the outlets either to the right or the left of that," said Fennelly.

The furniture store has zip ties and connectors on hand anytime they make a delivery, spending a few dollars to protect a child.

If your furniture does not come with connectors you can find them on Amazon, Ace Hardware, Walmart or at most local hardware stores.