Tired of New Year’s resolutions? Try focusing on a word instead

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If you're tired of making New Year's resolutions that never seem to stick, it may be time to skip the tradition altogether.

Leadership coach Ginny Wilson-Peters says she's found people have more success when they pick just one word to focus on throughout the year.

"They realize that if they do a New Year's resolution, sometimes a month or two into it, they lose focus on that. And for some reason, when they pick words, they stay really focused on it," said Wilson-Peters, president and owner of Integrity Integrated.

For the past five years, Wilson-Peters has asked people to post their word on Facebook. She usually gets around 80 to 100 responses, ranging from "creativity" to "forgiveness."

"One my favorite quotes in the world is from Marian Wright Edelman, who said, 'If you can't see it, you can't be it.' And so, people who create a word about what they want to see and be, it really helps them," said Wilson-Peters.

She also suggests sharing your word with friends, family and co-workers, so people can check up on your progress throughout the year.

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