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Suspected credit card fraud in Clinton, Iowa leaves unanswered questions

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CLINTON, Iowa-- It was at gas pump No. 7 at the Clinton, Iowa Circle K on North Second Street where Chris Voss suspects a crime occurred on Christmas Day.

"After the kids settled down we thought, we're going to go get gas. There's not a lot of lines or anything there. So we went to the Circle K," says Voss.

Chris spent $28.02 on gas using a special credit card that has since been canceled.

"This particular card we use, we usually only use it for gas. So it wasn't used at a store or Christmas shopping. It's strictly for gas," says Voss.

Chris says the next day she got a text message alert from her credit card company asking her to confirm three separate charges, one she recognized, the other two came from across the country she had never seen.

"We were not in Florida on 12/27, so our credit card was compromised," says Voss.

She says she went straight to the store for answers but was brushed off. After talking to police, Chris posted her story on Facebook. That's when she found out she wasn't alone.

"I just said this happened to us. If it's happened to anyone else, comment below," says Voss.

Clinton Police investigated and say, at this time, there are no confirmed reports of cred card skimmers at the gas station.

But Chris still has questions for Circle K.

"I hate to point fingers at someone when they're not guilty, but why hasn't anyone contacted us and asked to see the facts?" says Voss.

Chris says she's not out for blood, she's out for answers.

"If it happened to me, and it did, it's also happening to other people," says Voss.

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