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Amazon ‘Give Back Box’ will benefit Goodwill

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - Goodwill is busing sorting boxes of donations.

"Everything comes in from donations and that gets sorted and then from there, you got our hard good station that gets sorted and priced," said Morgan Glenney, Asst. Manager, Goodwill.

Goodwill hopes to get even busier with Amazon's 'Give Back Box' program that launched this week.

The program is simple. Then you receive an Amazon box in the mail, instead of throwing it out you can fill it with donations and ship it to your local Goodwill for free.

"Just fill up the box, pack it up, they can print out a free shipping label and send it off to whatever closest nearby Goodwill is participating," said Glenney.

For the Goodwill store in Davenport, they're hoping it will get more people in the giving spirit.

"The convenience I think is definitely gonna make a difference and hopefully encourage more people to donate," said Glenney.

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