SouthPark mall packed with last-minute holiday shoppers

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MOLINE, Illinois - Holiday music played and toys were stocked as last minute shoppers hit the shelves.

"I've been up since 8 this morning trying to find different gifts," said Cynthia Smith.

For some people, the procrastination wasn't intentional.

"I'm usually not a last minute Christmas shopper but we just got married, me and my husband just got married a month a half ago so it just hit me so fast like I feel like this year's gone by so fast," said Smith.

Other people aren't able to get to the stores on their own quite yet.

"I do not have a driver's license yet, I'm still a child so my mom dropped me off while she was at a doctor's appointment," said Grace Gugelmeyer.

At SouthPark Mall , the manager said there's one type of repeat offender every year.

"Every man that's not been in the mall for the last year, comes running through the front door and wonders up and probably comes in this office and some of them will walk up and go, 'Do you have any ladies shops?'"

A ladies shop, also known as Bath and Body Works, is where News 8 found two brothers on the hunt for a present.

"Honestly we didn't think about getting our parents presents before this week, plus, we were both away at college," said Andy Brill.

The boys looked, smelled and even tried some scents out.

The pair may have been a bit out of their element.

"Definitely here and Victoria's Secret is a little bit not our thing, but you gotta do, what you gotta do, for mom, I guess," said Matthew Brill.

With determined minds, these boys found the perfect gift for mom.

According to the International Council of Shopping Centers 76% of shoppers plan on making holiday purchases right up until Christmas day.

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