Reindeer Cam livestreams Santa’s little helpers

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CALEDONIA, Michigan — Santa's delivery system is getting ready for their big day. A reindeer farm in Michigan houses reindeer that are fed by Santa three times a day. He also reads the reindeer stories, checks the nice list and reads letters from children around the world.

It's all captured on Reindeer Cam. Visitors are sometimes surprised to find that reindeer are, in fact, real.

"There's a lot of shock when people realize these are really reindeer, it's not just caribou. The kids love them, seems like the kids know best that they're real reindeer," said Molly Gorniewicz, Santa's reindeer helper.

The owners say the reindeer cam is a live feed that runs 24/7. CLICK HERE to view the Reindeer Cam website.