No winter storm, Christmas could have thunderstorms instead!

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Our weather pattern is in the process of turning around a complete 180 degrees! Wind chills dipped to -37° Sunday morning and we're expecting 50-degree temperatures by this upcoming Sunday! In fact, one of our computer models is actually giving us a high temperature of 57 degrees. That would be only two degrees shy of a record high. So how's that for a turnaround? Near-record cold one weekend to near-record warmth the next!

To get there, we've got to accomplish one big thing: melting off all the snow. Temperatures will rise into the mid and upper 30s through Friday. As temperatures warm on Saturday, we may see some fog as we get overnight low temperatures up around freezing. Right now, will go with a 41 for Saturday and 50 for Sunday. The record high for Sunday is 59 degrees. That's the warmest we've ever been on Christmas.

A cold front will move through the area by Monday morning, allowing temperatures to drop back into the 30s. Before that happens, there's a chance some spots receive an inch of rainfall! How's that for a wild weather ride?

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen