Quad Cities man, inventor of Dairy Queen’s ‘Blizzard’ remembered for work ethic

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BETTENDORF, Iowa - The machine behind the Dairy Queen Blizzard was invented by a man in the Quad Cities, Ronald Medd passed away on Monday, Dec. 12, and his daughter looks back at his father's famous invention.

"They're all selling the iconic blizzard that our father developed," said Susan Medd, Ron's Daughter. "It evolved into the spindle and the motor, that he then developed and it worked and they patented it. He was very proud of his accomplishment, as we all are."

The Medds' are one of the founding families of Dairy Queen.

The business stayed in the family, Ron's four daughters remember working for their dad at the restaurant.

"With four daughters, he had the jackpot because if at one location someone called in sick, well here we go, we're gonna call Gail today," said Medd.

The daughters said their dad was a hard worker who taught them to have a strong work ethic.

"You hear of people talking about being born with a silver spoon in their mouth, well we were born with a plastic spoon in our mouth and I'm very proud of that plastic spoon," said Medd.

Even after retiring, you could still find Ron at the 18th Street Dairy Queen.

"The one thing that I will miss, is seeing his little black Volkswagen come pulling in the lot just to stop in, have half a diet coke and a chocolate cone and say hi," said Medd.

Now, when a blizzard is made, you'll always remember the man who made it possible to enjoy the tasty treat.

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