Iowa DNR: Stay safe ice fishing this winter

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One of the best and most dangerous fishing seasons of the year is coming up but if you're wondering where to find the best place to ice fish, the Iowa DNR doesn't know. Ponds and lakes are beginning to ice over but every pond and lake is different and it's not safe just to look at the ice and decide if it's safe to fish on.

The Iowa DNR says the best method is going slow on the ice and staying safe.

"What we recommend is to be very careful. Punch holes as you go out onto the pond when you're first checking it, check the ice thickness when you go out. It takes at least 4 inches of good, hard ice to be safe for foot traffic, and anywhere from 5 to 6 inches to allow snow mobiles and ATVs, and 8 to 10 inches for vehicles and things like that," said Joe Larscheid with the Iowa DNR.

The Iowa DNR also stresses that no sheet of ice is 100 percent safe, ever. If you are going out on the ice, make sure you have safety gear with you.